Website Redesign

There's more to website redesign than meets the eye....

Let's say your CEO has decided you need a new website because he's bored of it, because his wife doesn't like it or there's some spare budget that needs to be used up prior to year end.

So you call up your current website design agency and their eyes light up..."let's start again, new design, new content, new graphics.....kerrching!".

You should have called us first; or at least second for a different perspective.

The first question you should ask yourself when considering a redesign of your website is;

"Why do I need a redesign?

Many sites may just need a facelift rather than reconstructive surgery.  Before you start briefing agencies and designers you've got to ensure that you are clear about the commercial rationale and objectives for the project; and that you have a detailed qualitative and quantitative assessment of what is right and what is wrong with your current site.

Once you are clear about this your second question should be;

"Who can I trust to work with me on this critical project?"

If the answer to your second question leads you to us then great; but we're afraid we're going to ask you many more questions before this project is through.

The good news is we'll also help with the answers and together we can build you a new website that you, your CEO, your whole organisation and your users can be rightly proud of.

We specialise in website re-design

We do this because we haven't come across a site yet that couldn't do with a lick of paint, a tweak here or a tweak there (including this one).

The best websites are continually evolving with the organisation as it grows, with the ever changing demands of their users and customers, and in line with technological progress and behavioural changes online.

We work with our clients to take their current site and transform the site and their online business using a proven mix of website design, development and online marketing techniques.

Read more about our website re-design process.