Rebuilding Your E-Commerce Website

Perhaps one of the scariest website migration projects to work on is one involving a live and successful e-commerce site.  But not for us.

If you start in the right place with this kind of project then you have a very good chance of ending up with a successful implementation.

We have experience of avoiding the common pitfalls of e-commerce website upgrades and enhancement projects.  These are just some of the areas we can help you with:


  • Increasing site traffic and conversions with an effective optimisation strategy
  • Setting up goals and goal funnels in Google Analytics to track conversions
  • Redirecting old site pages to new search engine friendly URLs
  • Keeping downtime to an absolute minimum during the transition between systems
  • Data migration
  • Continuity of reporting and statistics
  • Transfer of user data and accounts
  • Market research and usability testing
  • System and load testing
  • Emailing clients to inform them about the new site
  • Re-launching the site with an SEO campaign
  • Submission of your products to product/price comparison engines and Google Base


If you are unhappy with your current supplier and/or technology then please get in touch.

We can custom build you a new e-commerce website that is flexible, functional and resilient.  Oh, and it won't cost you the earth, now or later.

We base our websites on the superb open-source Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal.

This CMS software is customised by us to your exact functional and design requirements; and because it is continuously updated by thousands of developers worldwide you get access to one of the most modern and feature-rich content management platforms out there.

By customising Drupal to meet your needs, you also benefit from a modern and scalable site architecture that is continuously updated by thousands of developers worldwide.

You also know that you have a technology solution that has a long-term future and you are not tied into using our services for ever.  Of course, we'll go the extra mile with our support and customer service to try and ensure you do!

You could switch at any time to a developer or website development agency that has experience of Drupal or has a good understanding of common programme and operating environments such as; HTML, CSS , XML, PHP, Javascript and MySQL.