Building New Websites

Do you have the right Domain Name?

Do you already own a domain name? Or do you have a domain name in mind already? We can research and identify suitable domain names for you and even negotiate and arrange the transfer of third party domain names to you.
We can provide advice on the suitability of a particular domain name from a search engine optimisation perspective and offer alternative domain names for you to consider.
If you are considering building one or more websites, or micro-sites, or if you need clear advice on international domain considerations then please do get in touch.

Creating a Holding Page

One of the first things we would do is to create you a holding page(s) with some basic company content, product information and contact details. We can also setup functioning email accounts for you and your team on this domain at this time.
This allows you to start changing or devising your corporate stationery, brochures and business cards whilst we concentrate on putting the new website together.
It can also take an indefinite amount of time for your new site to be picked up by the major search engines; sometimes this can be anywhere between several days to several months! So the early you submit your site to the main search engines the better – as long as you have some meaningful content and have done the basic SEO steps right.

The Commercial & Creative Brief


Often when we first get involved in a project the client has already prepared a brief. However, we can help you define your brief more thoroughly with our Internet Development Strategy services.
It all kicks off with an initial consultation where we ask you lots of questions about your company’s strategy and plans, and how the website fits into the grand scheme of things.
We then follow a structured approach which has proven to be the best practice for successfully designing and developing a new website.

Hosting A New Website

We can host the new website for you, or work with your existing host or internal IT
team. If you are hosting the new site yourselves but want us to build and maintain the site for you then there are some technical pre-requisites that require you to run certain software (safe, open-source and free software) on your server for our content management system to work.


From here we follow the same overall website design process as if we were re-developing an existing website.