The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Website Design

We at like to think we know a thing or two about website design and after over a decade in the business here are some of the tips we’ve acquired along the way, with a few pitfalls to look out for too.

Do make sure each page is interesting and has something to offer the customer. Each page should remind them why they are looking at your website and not one of your competitors’.

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3 Guides to Designing a New Website

We have read a lot of online advice about how to design yourself a sparkly brand new website and some of the advice is better than others.

Other than taking advice from us (often provided for free because we're nice like that), the next best bet is to consider reading the following articles.

1. Design Council - Step-by-step Guide to Website Design

7 Deadly Sins of Website Redesign

We have learned from our mistakes over the past decade or so and from the mistakes we have seen others make.

Whilst we're pretty confident of never making the same mistakes again, our primary aim is to ensure that our clients and our readers are fully appraised of the serious problems and pitfalls that can arise if you do not redesign your website properly.

Here are the 7 deadly sins that we have seen destroy search engine rankings and reputations:

11 Useful Factors to help you choose your SEO Company Supplier

Deciding which SEO company to commission for your next project is not straightforward.  In this straightforward article we share some useful tips on how you can make the right decision:

Top 10 Promises that SEO Companies Cannot Keep

When it comes to SEO, there are lots of companies out there promising you the earth.  We even get phone calls and unsolicited emails every day.  So to avoid the cowboys we recommend that you avoid anyone who makes you these kind of promises: