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What to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

You know that lovely, shiny, cutting edge website you paid someone to build you in 2001? Well by now, it’s probably a bit rubbish. I bet the other websites are calling it names and your poor little has-been of a website cries itself to sleep every night. But there is an answer. Just like your aunty with the moustache who’s let herself go a bit, all your site needs is a bit of a makeover. And so to the subject of this article – website redesign and what to consider before you take that magic wand to your frumpy site and bellow “You will go to the ball!”.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Website Design

We at like to think we know a thing or two about website design and after over a decade in the business here are some of the tips we’ve acquired along the way, with a few pitfalls to look out for too.

Do make sure each page is interesting and has something to offer the customer. Each page should remind them why they are looking at your website and not one of your competitors’.

3 Guides to Designing a New Website

We have read a lot of online advice about how to design yourself a sparkly brand new website and some of the advice is better than others.

Other than taking advice from us (often provided for free because we're nice like that), the next best bet is to consider reading the following articles.

1. Design Council - Step-by-step Guide to Website Design