Top 8 Linkbait Ideas

Many a fisherman will tell you of “the one that got away”, that elusive big fish, so unless you want to be telling similar stories of rued chances in relation to your website or blog then I suggest you start using some decent bait, not maggots, but Linkbait.

1.    Learn about Linkbait.
If you don’t already know what Linkbait is then learn. There are lots of things on the Internet about it and it will make a massive difference to the amount of traffic you receive to your website or blog.
2.    Make it newsworthy.
Make your site a reliable source for news in your chosen niche. If you can craft out a name for yourself and become respected, then you’re halfway there. Keep up to date with the latest news and views and you will find people will begin to visit your site regularly.
3.    Controversy
Say something controversial. Good bloggers use this to great effect and it works. Contradict a rival or someone who is known within your area of expertise. Nothing gets tongues wagging and people linking more, than a bit of controversy and your traffic will reflect this.
4.    Attack
This is a high-risk strategy but one that can often pay dividends. Attack one of your rivals and you will naturally garner more traffic, however, beware, you may be in for a bumpy ride. Yes you will get some negative traffic from your competition’s followers but as they say ‘all publicity’s good publicity’ and if your attack is justifiable and makes sense you will gain respect and maybe a few followers of your own, as well as a lot of traffic.
5.    Humour
Everyone likes a laugh and your target audiences are no different. Post funny stories from your area of expertise or satirize the news in your field. Don’t alienate your audience with your humour but if you get it right the laughter will boost your traffic substantially.
       Get an Interview
If you know a big wig in your area or someone with an interesting story, interview them and post it on your website or blog. Human interest stories will produce much more traffic than just facts and figures and to be seen with an important person will add value to your website or blog and ultimately improve traffic.
7.    Give Something Away
It sounds simple, but it works. Whether it’s a meal for two, a free consultation or a t-shirt, people will visit your site just for a chance of winning. If you can relate it to your website or blog then even better. For very little effort and money you can seriously enhance the number of people visiting your website or blog.
8.    Get a ‘Scoop’
If you can get a big story before anyone else then your traffic will go astronomical. If you hear a rumour or story, follow it up, talk to people in the field and be nosy. Tell them you’re from a newspaper if needs be just get the story and make sure everyone knows you broke it first. If you manage this not only will you gain a massive audience in a short amount of time, many of them will stick with you because they know you’re good at what you do.
So there it is, some top tips for linkbaiting. Go write yourself a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign and dip your toe, I can guarantee you it will pay off.