SEO Tips – Twitter’s Top 5


SEO Tips – Twitter’s Top 5

You knew Twitter was getting big when the spin doctors at the Conservative Party thought it would be a good idea to get David Cameron to utter the immortal words “Too many twits might make a T**t” (you know, to make him sound down with the kids, and hip, and with it, just like Boris Johnson). Then there was the juror who tweeted mid-trial prompting the defendants to accuse him of having a predetermined verdict in his head (luckily “guilty” is only 6 characters).
Since its launch, Twitter has never been far from the headlines meaning it is a great place to target with regards to SEO – especially as Google has begun to show Twitter accounts and tweets in their search engine results. So now’s the time to start practicing the following tips, and get tweeting!

1. Choose your handle wisely

Your ‘handle’ or username should be relevant to your product or company as it becomes a part of your Twitter URL. For example, our URL is which will be our static address used for search indexing - keep it clear, succinct and pertinent, and you can’t go wrong.

2. Put some time into your biography

With a whole 20 extra characters for your biography, you better make them count. You need your bio to contain the most important keywords and phrases to do with your company, so take your time over it. The biography on your account is constantly indexed so this content is where Twitter takes its information about you from.

3. Get some keywords into your tweets

With only 140 characters to play with, it is important to write a clear, keyword-rich tweet, as often as possible. If there is a relevant subject trending or a ‘buzz word’ knocking about, then by all means piggy back onto it to raise your profile. Make sure the content of your tweet isn’t too stuffed with keywords or jargon though as it will make the experience worse for the user – get the balance between keywords and quality right and you’re doing well.

4. Make it easy to retweet your content

If there is a message that you want other people to pick up and pass on, then you need to consider how many characters you use. If you try and keep it under 120 characters then other Twitter users should find it easy to retweet your message using your handle like this:
RT @analyticsseo

So if you want something to flourish around the twittersphere - keep it short.

5. Don’t waste anyone’s time

If you link to your site or product make sure it goes to where you say it does. In a world where 140 characters is the dialogue of choice, the people who are interested in your link don’t want to have to trawl your site for what they want. Make the URL direct and relevant so they can quickly see what you were talking about.


So, there you have it, a few tips for Twitter SEO but a conclusion in under 140 characters too? Can I do it? Yep.