The Best SEO Plug-ins for Content Management Systems

The most popular Content Management Systems give us an unprecedented platform for publishing and organising content online. Today, the likes of Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla have become obvious choices for a CMS within the tech community but at the beginning, many CMS’s were not so SEO friendly. This of course wasn’t a problem, until people realised that search engines were the best and most cost-effective way to promote and publicise one’s website.

7 SEO Mistakes to avoid at all Costs

Starting your own SEO campaign is a rewarding and worthwhile task, but the process is littered with pitfalls leading many people to fall at the first hurdle. Many of these mistakes are easy to avoid, so with that in mind, here are the top SEO mistakes to steer well clear of.

1. Leaving it too late.

SEO Tips for Facebook

In February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg changed the way we use the internet forever by launching the social networking site that needs no introduction – Facebook. Before Facebook there was no “poking”, no stalking your ‘ex’ to see if they’re seeing someone else, no Farmville, and now look at us! Say whatever you like about the social media giant but ignore it at your peril.

11 Useful Factors to help you choose your SEO Company Supplier

Deciding which SEO company to commission for your next project is not straightforward.  In this straightforward article we share some useful tips on how you can make the right decision:

Top 10 Promises that SEO Companies Cannot Keep

When it comes to SEO, there are lots of companies out there promising you the earth.  We even get phone calls and unsolicited emails every day.  So to avoid the cowboys we recommend that you avoid anyone who makes you these kind of promises: