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Wow, Your information is very

Wow, Your information is very informative and useful. Thanks for your post. I will be looking forward for more stuff from you.

Following on from Arun's

Following on from Arun's comments building/re-establishing a brand identity using a website should also include a vision for the future. For example asking the questions, What will our site be like on a specific date in 5 years time? and What experience the general user will have at the time? enabling the brand and website to move forward with the users. It is important to not concentrate specifically on future technology but also future experiences such as, how could the experience be made more simple or more entertaining? Another point that i feel needs to be outlined is the importance of consulting the users of the website. How easy the site is to use and subsequently the aspects users do not like. This can enable weak areas to be improved. In the long run re-establishing a brand should always have a major focus on the specific users and their perceptions of the brand and website.

The importance of brand

The importance of brand identity is of major importance, in fact I would argue the case that re-establishing a brand identity through re-design networking there cannot be a more rewarding aspect to re-designing a website. Of course, consultants must address all aspects of the site, and act accordingly to design specifications. Again, the day in age we live in and future ages will only expand technologically and the site should be re-designed to ascertain the requirements of the present and also the requirements of the future. I also agree with Jake, there are many other sub-key elements such as the user experience, the entertainment factor, and audio/visual content that must be addressed accordingly, however, re-design is much more then a 'new lease of life' to an existing site, it is about being future-proof, attaining/re-establishing brand identity, building better relations with users, and making an impact in today’s very competitive markets, it is about being smart and moving forward, to attain existing customers/clients as well as attaining new relations and subsequently achieving better results, as a company, as a business, and most importantly as a brand.

Website Re-Design, New age

Website Re-Design, New age therapy for websites?

Re-design process should

Re-design process should essentially be treated initially as a health checkup for sites and viewed as a project which offers real solutions in the new age to provide those sites with optimal interactivity and & eye catching designs. And most importantly bring new lease of life to existing sites, re-design, re-packaged = better results, simple!!, Seo efficiency is key. It’s all about building/ re-establishing that ‘brand’ identity.