5 Ways to Engage Visitors to your Website

So you’ve done the hard bit, you’ve got someone to visit your site, but how do you stop him or her from leaving and then, encourage them to keep coming back? Well, here are some ways to engage your visitor…


If you haven’t got a blog on your website already, start writing one. Once you have got a blog make sure you update it at least once a week and make it interesting. If you do all of this, people will start following your blog and/or accessing your blog from other sites that will then link them to your own site. A blog will encourage existing visitors to have some ownership of your site and will garner first-time visitors from all over the Internet.
Social Media
Use sites like Facebook and Twitter to post catchy headlines and comments that then link to your site. If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populated country in the World and you can reach that audience for free, so don’t play down the influence that social media can have on your website.
Support and encourage user comments
Make sure users are encouraged to comment on any page of your website and support it by commenting or replying yourself. It is the best way to build a relationship with your visitors and to keep them interested. If you haven’t already got comment boxes, make it a priority.
Massage your users’ egos
If a user adds a good comment to your site or makes a suggestion, praise them! Thank them for their involvement and ask them to keep contributing as you appreciate their thoughts. Even showcase the best comments from your users which will not only make them feel good about themselves, but encourage other users to get involved too.
Get your key people involved
Make sure the important people involved in your website are involved with your users. Get them commenting and adding to the debate. Ask them to write a blog and let visitors to your site know who they are. Profile their expertise in the area and get them to interact with visitors. If you can get a celebrity within your field to do any of these, then even better!
If you manage to do all of these, not only will you see the number of people visiting your website increase, they might even stay, and once they stay, your website will begin to work for you.
We at Website Redevelopment can help and support you through all of these techniques and answer any questions you may have.